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From idea to product

Sometimes great candidates don't get a job for reasons beyond their control. So why not create a database with all of those people and put them in direct contact with companies similar to the ones they are looking for? Together with the Circular team, we transformed this idea into an MVP in just 9 weeks.

The big challenge

Circular is a digital hub dedicated to putting excellent candidates in contact with leading startups and tech companies through referrals. Circular needed a strong and cutting-edge identity to stand out from the saturated sector of traditional recruiting. The big challenge was to make a product capable of attracting both candidates and recruiters. 

An accessible community

The first issue that needed resolving was how we were going to visually represent Circular’s value proposition. The challenge? To unite competing concepts under the same brand image: community, openness, closeness; but also a certain level of exclusivity and well-selected profiles. Circular would represent people with special talents and passions.

Closing the circle

The platform had some slightly strange aspects that had to be correctly explained, namely two types of registration and the need for a candidate to be referred by another company. With that in mind, we designed a normal landing page along with two independent registration pages in which we would explain all of the details clearly and simply. 

Managing the complexity

Having identified the registration process as the greatest point of friction, we poured all of our efforts into creating a fluid and guided experience for the users. This involved finding the appropriate tone of voice for the messages and defining what information Circular would require of its users, etc. 

Just like designing a tailored suit

The Circular team needed to catch the attention of possible investors. Therefore, paying the utmost care and attention when it came to the design was fundamental. We developed the website’s design code ourselves and implemented it, creating a short documentation that would allow the team to iterate on the product. 

The importance of references

Our vision of Circular was based on the use of photographic resources that would help communicate the idea of normalising and demystifying both the work environment and the profiles of workers in the tech and startup universe. 

To do this, with the magazine Apartamento as a visual reference in mind, we called on Pablo Alzaga to be the photographer for the project.