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Raising the brand discourse of the most innovative VC in Spain

K Fund is an investment fund that seeks to improve the ecosystem of tech companies in the south of Spain. They are convinced that there is both sufficient talent and capacity to make these companies global references in the world of tech. In search of excellence, their main approach is to get behind ambitious founders, who, most importantly, have a clear purpose.

The fund’s engine also has an ethical component to it: they want their investments to have a positive impact in society across different levels. «Win playing well» is their catchphrase that neatly summarises this objective. An element which differentiates K Fund from other traditional investment funds is the type of relationship they establish with their investees. Their vision is to balance the scales by being more transparent with the entrepreneurs. In this way, the trust and confidence in one another is mutual.

Appealing to the best

Building on these premises that make K Fund a different kind of VC, one of the big challenges of the project revolved around finding an appropriate tone of voice. Their communication strategy needed to combine values such as generosity and humility, and communicate confidence, while also expressing a sense of rebellion and nonconformity, which directly appealed to the spirit of the K Fund founders.

Uniting art, timeless glamour and business

K Fund represents another way of doing business. A reference that we came up with from an early stage was the figure of Coco Chanel. Chanel was a woman ahead of her time and she perfectly embodies the ideas of both rebellion and timeless luxury. Inspired therefore by some key traits of Chanel’s enigmatic personality, we managed to create an aura of mystery around the K Fund brand - one that successfully arouses the interest of entrepreneurs and investors alike.

The jewel. Honest, sober and elegant

An idea which was born out of the narrative concept was to play with resources that remind people of a jewel. Alluding to what a jewel symbolises, we could convey both the economic and sentimental value of every one of the fund’s investees. Each founder that forms part of the K Fund family is unique and a special bond is made with them. 

A wild touch

It is rare for a client to ask us to go further, to be a bit more daring. But in this case, after sharing some visual explorations and receiving feedback, we got back in the driver’s seat and took on the challenge they had presented us with: the brand needed to have a truly unique personality. Taking on board the entire narrative concept aforementioned, we created a rich visual universe that now makes up the K Fund brand. We made a careful selection of fonts that add glamour and strength to the messages and employed an adequate use of visual resources that suggest security and solidity. We also played with the union of classic colours: white, black and gold, together with an electric blue and fluorescent green.

This time it’s a tailored no-code suit

The principal output of this brand remake and where it shines with particular emphasis is on their corporate website, which you can now visit at As you can imagine, realising all this narrative discourse with such a particular visual universe was no easy feat. We achieved it with the help of the team from, specialists in finding high-quality solutions and making them happen in record time. In only 2 weeks they developed our website concept using no-code tools. This ecosystem has allowed the K Fund team to manage their new web in a dynamic way, creating content from the pieces that we generated, which can be best seen in the publication of its new investment programme K Founders.