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Creating a brand for freelancers and SMEs

SingularCover is an insurance company which specialises in offering personalised coverage to SMEs and the self-employed. Their focus on personalisation means that they establish a relationship with their customers, providing them with adapted solutions and insurance. In contrast, other operators offer broad packages covering a multitude of cases that in most circumstances do not apply to the customer’s particular business. 

SingularCover is innovative precisely because it offers insurance that is adapted to the specific needs of its clients, and it also dares to break some of the unwritten rules of the sector. For example, the one that insists insurance cannot be contracted and paid monthly. 

Don’t patronise

For several weeks we investigated the company and gained a better understanding of how it operated, learning about the contexts and attitudes of its audience and how the competition was communicating with their clients. We noticed a trait of other companies who were addressing a similar problem which seemed wildly wrong to us. Many of them were excessively patronising, treating entrepreneurs and freelancers as if they had been compelled into their position by circumstance.

Our perception was different. We believe that freelancers should be treated with due respect and should not be met with condescension. They should be given tools to work better, continue creating jobs and evolve the business network.

We know that being a freelancer is hard, but most people do not undertake the challenge because they have no other choice, but because, in many cases, they have a particular spirit and attitude that makes them more independent than other professionals.

First, listen

The SingularCover team was particularly proud of the work they carried out during the pandemic, when they made the genuine and spontaneous decision to open up their helpline to every professional, with the aim of being a free advice channel for SMEs and freelancers.

Thanks to their managers and support team, they were able to help hundreds of people with their doubts related to ERTES (the temporary employment regulation files, created in Spain to help workers during the COVID-19 pandemic), and other financial aspects, as well as helping to reduce their uncertainty. This initiative brought them great satisfaction as a team.

These types of situations clearly reveal the real purpose of a company, which, in the case of SingularCover, is to help entrepreneurs better carry out their work and in turn build a brighter future for themselves.

From workers to workers

With regard to SingularCover’s brand narrative, we decided to underline the message of client customisation through an exercise inquiring after their needs. Something that was seen internally as quite basic is, in fact, not so basic. They are an insurer that takes the time to understand the requirements of their clients, listening and asking questions before launching into offering a product.

We agreed that emphasising listening as part of SingularCover’s unique value was sufficiently powerful as well as true.

Adding to the value chain

The use of a terracotta-like colour resonated with a kind of industrial aesthetic. Additional graphic resources suggested that the project was continuously making adjustments or still in process, and the use of other tools at hand such as studs or underlines contributed to the clear positioning of this company as a "Work In Progress".

SingularCover’s message was clear: We listen and work hard to add value without any noise or unnecessary distraction; giving you the coverage you need.

A branded toolbox

In addition to the classic Brand book and all the other developed pieces, we also delivered a tool kit that contained all the styles and contrasts generated for the brand (which adhere to double A accessibility criteria), as well as a large number of grids and resources. This will give SingularCover’s brand identity years of consistency, while also allowing them to maintain the feeling of novelty if they want to update or make changes, without the need to generate or search for new resources.

Making our deliverables in the same format as the final pieces helps the brand stay alive and it also makes it easy to operate for any team that interacts with the brand in order to help grow its customer touch points.  

Rebellion and humanity

We want to do things differently in an already well-established sector. That is why each of the brand resources are designed to enhance the personality of SingularCover.

The hand-written, free-flowing lines suggest a certain rebellion and bring us closer to a kind of human touch, moving away from that typical feeling of distance and coldness when we try to take out insurance via a screen. These lines help display how close and accessible the brand is. The natural and photographic style which focuses on people developing their work generates another pillar of support with which we can communicate in an empathic and sincere way.

Evolution and growth

Thanks to the team at who did an excellent development job on Webflow, we were able to launch the project just a few months after we started. 

The relationship with SingularCover’s team was perfect at all times, and we felt an agility that we don't usually experience in projects like this. It is proof that, with clear ideas, the space to experiment, and with brilliant people who can make good decisions on their own, it is easy to achieve great results.

SingularCover continues to further its objective and we are proud to see how the brand evolves and develops with both clear guidelines and room to iterate and grow.