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Mendesaltaren was born in 2017 from the work of its founding partners, André Mendes and Danny Saltaren. It was born with the purpose of defining digital products with an excellent visual finish. It is born from the rebellion of opposing the established, rethinking the working method at all times and not taking anything for granted. It comes from not going with the flow. Born not to be one more. It is born with responsibility, firmness and efficiency in the process, establishing a strong commitment to the client. Born influenced by pure, usable, aesthetic and rational design.


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We’ve worked for 45+ industries such as Fashion & Lifestyle, FMCG, Health, Robotics, SaaS, Hospitality, Energy, Construction, Luxury, Education, Urban Mobility, Wellness, Tourism & Travel and many more...



Responsibility, firmness and efficiency in the process, establishing a strong commitment to the client. Pure, usable, aesthetic and rational design.


Oppose resistance against the establishment. Rethink everything and take nothing for granted. Don't go with the flow. Not be one more.


Decency, sincerity, honesty and transparency in the way of acting.


Search for the essential, necessary and intrinsic qualities that determine and distinguish a company, project or idea. Design respecting the essence.

Elegant Rebellion

Rethink everything. Take nothing for granted. Don't go with the flow.

We respect the codes, forms and background of the current ecosystem, but they are not ours. We are the layer that shines, that stands out.

August 4, 2022


Lean Methodology: speed up the cycle

Create fast

We transform ideas into products through hypotheses

Measure smart

Accounting for innovation through actionable indicators

Learn & iterate

Pivot or persevere through experimentation


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