New visual identity, a breath of fresh air

Expertise and team involved

Unity is strength

Opticalia, founded in 2008, has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the Spanish market. The business model of this company is based on associating hundreds of independent opticians to build a powerful and solid network of collaborators with a multitude of establishments throughout different countries. These opticians gain visibility in major media channels and benefit from a series of advantages for belonging to Opticalia.

Boost the online presence

With a business firmly established in the physical experience, Opticalia had decided that it was time to boost its online presence. The goal: To position itself within the fashion sector and the digital world through a solid e-commerce as a sales channel, but also to generate content and communication. The big challenge? To make what is necessary palatable: Prescription lenses, contact lenses and liquids.

A breath of fresh air

Visually, Opticalia's new identity had to be positioned in a spectrum close to that of fashion codes and find a balance with the world of healthcare, making the way in which these products were introduced in a more natural way. A closer communication tone, together with a typographic use and a casual color palette were the ingredients chosen to define a modular and scalable ecosystem of visual resources able to adapt and respond to the present and future needs of the brand.

The meeting point for opticians and users

For Opticalia, the relationship with associated opticians is very important, and they are a key part of its value proposition. For this reason, it was very important to dedicate efforts to the definition and design of all the functionalities related to their services, such as appointment request, lens prescription or glasses customization.

On the other hand, we also placed special emphasis on defining spaces within the platform dedicated to providing information to users to answer the doubts of those less familiar with concepts, tools and products related to visual health.

Seeking new horizons

Immersed in a whole process of internationalization to new markets, establishing processes and ways of managing the design to handle the particularities of the different countries was key when generating all the documentation.

Drive, connect, inspire

With this new e-commerce, Opticalia responds to the needs of positioning its business in a solid way also within the digital media. The new visual identity and brand tone are taking center stage in the spaces generated in its digital platform in such a way that they are positioning their products and services within a more aspirational level.

Impact of the redesign in numbers

Traffic Growth in sesions
Traffic growth in the organic channel
Direct traffic growth
New users
Pages/session increase
29.28% drop to 44,93%
Bounce Rate
Number of unique page views
Increase in the number of confirmed citations
Organic channel growth

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