Non-conformist energy management

Towards a paradigm shift

Traditionally, energy management has focused on the generation and distribution of energy to ensure a reliable supply to consumers. Factors such as growing concerns about climate change or sustainability have led to an increased demand for innovative technologies and solutions, such as automation and control systems, that enable more efficient management and significant cost reductions.

Energy management has become much broader, more responsible and more complex than before. In this context of change, Smarkia needs to reposition itself to align its business strategy and brand values with the market trend.

Challenging the status quo

The aim of the rebrand was to communicate innovation, technology and energy efficiency as core brand values, while differentiating the company from its competitors. To do this, we identified non-conformism as a differentiator, which later became the backbone concept for the entire narrative and visual part.

From there, we developed the brand strategy, which included a new visual identity, a new voice and a communication approach more focused on Smarkia's new target. The result was a brand universe that reflected the disruptive nature of the company.

A cry of non-conformity

The visual codes had to be based on this nonconformity to the canonical way of doing things, a rebelliousness that took us back to punk and its cry of nonconformity to the established paradigm of the moment. We did not want the irreverent rebelliousness of punk, but the restlessness of marking a turning point against the norm of the moment.

We analysed the graphic language of the movement: the posters and fanzines of the 70s. In them we often find the use of newspaper headlines, cut as a collage to generate new content, a resource that we bring to the technological universe and excellence in which Smarkia is positioned. A non-conformist essence in a contemporary brand that competes in a high level market.

A digital ecosystem that radiates energy

The visual system is based on a chromatic palette that mixes the sobriety of white and the use of dark backgrounds with accent colours and great visual power. Green is defined as the brand's primary colour, its fluorine hue associated with energy and efficiency.

The Klarheit family, with its Grotesk and Kurrent styles, allows us to differentiate between two scenarios of use: in neutral contexts or communication media, we use the sober Grotesk, while in places where we feel the need to emphasise the personality of the brand, we use the Kurrent display. This display variant is formally characterised by the breaking of the horizontal flagpoles in certain letters, a feature that was conceptually perfectly in line with our communicative intention: not to follow the marked path.

We reinforced the visual system with graphic resources based on the same construction principle as the isotype and directly linked to the brand. These resources function as pictograms and also as abstract visual support elements in the various media.

Increasing competitive advantage

The rebranding helped Smarkia to highlight the specificity of its business and clarify its value proposition. Emphasising the use of AI technology, its strategic partnerships and the positioning of its SaaS platform as the leading solution on the market were key factors in attracting new customers, who were attracted by the fresh and avant-garde tone of the brand. In short, Smarkia is being reborn as a brand that reinforces its environmental awareness and customer-centric vision by highlighting its own technological solutions.

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