Conscious leadership

Leadership, principles and tools.

Leading in a changing environment demands more principles than rules. Intuition takes precedence over manuals. Adaptability over procedure. Our tools are increasingly more powerful and are shaping us. Automation is gaining ground. A reality that demands greater attention to people. Their role is increasingly autonomous, empowered, based on knowledge and decision making.

Share experiences and transversal knowledge.

The need to share more than a decade of management experience materializes in the creation of a leadership training platform with professionals from the digital sector, an opportunity to train managers in depth.

How? Through a camp condensed in 8 weeks where sessions with top professionals, peers and mentors are delivered remotely and asynchronously. Ideas, templates, frameworks and tips where the necessary knowledge is condensed to move from leadership models based on Taylorism and chain production to models that take into account the complexities of leading in a liquid world where everything changes and evolves rapidly.

The reflection of progress, growth and evolution.

The branding work is based on the concept of progress, emphasizing the speed and mutability of today's ecosystem. To do this, we appropriated the codes of technical and sportswear, bringing them to the digital environment. With these ingredients we built a solid visual system with a wide range of assets marked by the strong 'Call To Action' character, aligned with the brand values: efficiency, convergence and energy.

The gateway to a new leadership model.

The product culture that underlies Upgrade.camp is one of its differential aspects and to make it visible we have worked the landing page as a SaaS website, where we focused on radically changing the user's perception of the camps: from generic training programs to valuable products to improve management.

The content reinforces this innovative vision in the industry by focusing on what's important, getting to the point. A direct language, an urgent tone and a clear intention: to train in leadership those who neither in books nor in schools have found the way to do it, those who analyze and question processes on a daily basis.

Adding value to the community.

The project is not limited to a mere economic transaction between training programs and students. Upgrade.camp aspires to be a meeting point, to generate community and improve the ecosystem of product design and management. Therefore, beyond the 'camp' format, Upgrade has other activation channels such as monthly podcasts or the constantly growing digital repository-library of knowledge.

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