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Expertise and team involved

A new approach

Utópica Travel is the luxury travel agency of El Corte Inglés. From its Atelier in Madrid's Salamanca neighborhood, they have been creating travel experiences with the highest standards for years. The Utópica team needed to transfer to the digital environment the experience offered to its customers through the redesign of its website.

Towards a luxury experience

To meet this challenge, we focused on two main aspects: the renovation of Utópica's visual codes, and the structural and interactive redesign of the platform.

In this case, we considered that video and photography should be the absolute protagonists of the experience. The interface elements had to move in the spectrum of sobriety, but at the same time be able to play the leading role in the key points of the experience. We finally found a balance that helped us to enhance the content and generate an immersive narrative that connects with the user.

Inspire travelers

The purpose of Utopica is to foster human relationships through memories that last forever in the form of travel. However, when the possibilities are endless, it is difficult to make a decision and choose a specific destination.

With the intention of inspiring travelers, the content was structured in two main typologies: destinations and motivations. We established synergies between the two in such a way that we generated an ecosystem of cross-content that promotes a sense of continuous discovery and makes it easier to fall in love with a specific destination or type of activity.

Evolving the visual interface

In visual terms, the challenge was to give a voice to Utópica in the digital media. Starting from the visual codes of its brand, we delved into the way in which typography and photography, the undisputed protagonists, take advantage of the interactivity and motion possibilities offered by digital media.

The photographic selection for each destination and motivation was key. For each one we created a mood board, carefully selecting images to provide the page with an optimistic, exotic and exclusive narrative and tone. Able to make the traveler's mind fly and project it in each and every one of those possible trips.

Building a platform

The main goal was not only to redesign the website, but to build a living ecosystem, easy to update and with a lot of potential to evolve. Create a platform where content is seamlessly and naturally intertwined and referenced. To cement a solid foundation on which to continue building the best personalized travel experience.

Ready to fulfill dreams

The new Utópica website is the ideal tool for its travel advisors to continue making the dreams of the most demanding travelers come true wherever they are. Together with the Utópica team, we continue to evolve the platform and explore new formats capable of inspiring trips that will last forever.

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