The studio

Our history

Mendesaltaren was born in 2017 as a result of the work of the founding associates – André Mendes and Danny Saltaren. It was born with the sole purpose of defining digital products with an excellent visual finish. It was born as an act of rebellion against conventionalism… we want to continuously reconsider work methodologies and never take anything for granted. It was born out of not playing along. It was born to stand out.

It was born with responsibility, confidence and process efficiency, while making a strong commitment to the client.

Today we help corporations and start-ups to launch digital products combining research, strategy, design and technology in order to get accurate, functional and aesthetic results.

Our Purpose

Our Vision

We are a digital product boutique that helps improve the relationship between companies, people and technology through design, thanks to our highly qualified team and refined process.

Our Mission

  • To be national leaders and international role models with globally relevant success stories.
  • Branding culture that both impacts the design community and contributes to it.
  • Attracting talent to train the leaders of the future.

Our Values


Responsibility, tenacity, confidence, process efficiency, establishing a strong commitment to the client. Pure, usable, aesthetic and rational design.


To constantly question the status quo and take nothing for granted. To stand out.


Decency, honesty, integrity and transparency in our modus operandi.


Search for the essential, necessary and intrinsic qualities that determine and differentiate a company, a project or an idea. We respect and help enhance that essence.  

Our Commitment

High-performance Team.

An experienced team of thinkers qualified to design accurately, efficiently and slickly.

The best customer experience

Exceptional project management that reduces uncertainty and ensures the process is both enjoyable and stimulating for the client. Continuous attention throughout the project.

Crafted Development

We produce meticulous work, created in a personalised way that results in high-performance final products.

Continuous Innovation

Conscious reconsideration of our methodologies with a self-critical approach. We strive to continuously improve.

Our brand

We respect the codes, the shapes and the heart of the current ecosystem, but they are not ours. We are the layer that shines, the one that stands out.

Elegant Rebellion

Located in Milan, the Fondazione Prada building (project carried out by OMA, Rem Koolhaas’s architecture firm, a big reference for us) is the reference that visually defines the concept around mendesaltaren’s values – elegant defiance.

The architecture style speaks to responsibility, strength and rationality. The normalisation of this architecture and its cladding instils honesty, essentiality and respect for the institution. Elegance.

Its gold finish is impressive and instantly differentiates it from the surrounding buildings. This shows defiance and a resistance to conventionalism. It doesn’t play along, it stands out.

Our Logo

The diamonds make a circle that symbolises unity, harmony, cooperation, rigour and balance.

Each diamond represents every team, the human factor, the people that make up our company and who are what we most value at Mendesaltaren.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Immanuel Kant
100k steps, more than 100k steps on my feets. But the sun’s gonna rise, the sun’s gonna rise like everyday

Authors and co-editors

Autores y colaboradores

André Mendes

Chief Creative Officer / Founder

Patricia Pérez

Head of People

Salvador Serrano

Chief Executive Officer / Partner
A designer in the studio
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